Free Computer Literacy Program for all Caviteños!!

Free Computer Literacy Program for all Caviteños!! Absolutely No Tuition Fee.. 

Module 1 – Basic Computer Application (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint 2010)
Module 2 – Advanced Computer Application with Internet Basics (MS Office 2010 with Internet Basics)
Module 3 – Basic Computer Repair and Networking
Module 4 – Photo Editing and Graphics Design (Adobe Photoshop CS6)
Module 5 – Basic Multimedia Web Designing (Adobe Dreamweaver CS6)
Module 6 – Database Management System (MS Access 2010)
Module 7 – Video Editing and Digital Effects (Adobe After Effects CS4)
Module 8 – CAD Designing (Autodesk AutoCAD 2011)
Module 9 – Learning English Application for Pinoy’s (English Proficiency Training)

Contact us at:

(046) 472-1982

or visit us at:

Cavite Computer Center
Cavite Civic Center, LTO Compound
Palico 4 Imus City, CaviteShow more reactions