Licensing and Permits



One-Stop Business Registration is a service that seeks to facilitate the registration of businesses by providing central access to government agencies involved in the registration process

Annual One-Stop Business Registration                   

All departments and government agencies involved in the processing of business licenses or permits form a one-stop processing center from January 2 to 20, every year.  This period corresponds to the time for renewal of permits.  Business licenses are secured within 40 minutes to 1 hour.

The center is located at the 1st floor of the New Municipal Hall.

Businessmen are given advice on requirements that they have to comply with and fees to be paid.  It facilitates the applications.  It has staff dedicated to submitting, facilitating and following-up requirements with various government agencies.  It also covers any registration requirement from processing business permits and securing connections with public utility companies to land conversion applications.

  • Requirements:

• For the Annual One-Stop Business Registration Service – please secure all the requirements needed for applying for/ renewing a business permit.

Note: Please follow the steps in securing / renewing Business Permits.


All Business Enterprises are required to secure a Business License and Mayor’s Permit, and pay business taxes before the start of commercial operations. 

The license must be renewed from January 1 to 20, every year.   Penalties are imposed after this period.

Business taxes for new enterprises are based on capitalization.  Those for succeeding years are computed as a percentage of gross receipts/sales. Payments may be made annually, semi-annually or quarterly. Taxes are due on the first 20 days of each quarter.

Renewal of licenses may take 40 minutes or 2 hours depending on the results of verification made by a Licensing Officer. Verification determines whether an applicant still has to secure clearances from various offices (occupancy, zoning, fire and sanitary).

  • Requirements:
  • Business License Application/Assessment Form
  • Community Tax Certificate for Individual or corporation
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Declaration of Gross Sales/receipts for the preceding year
  • Health Certification of all food handlers
  • DOLE Accreditation (for Manpower Agency)
  • Latest Business permit of lessor
  • 2×2 I.D picture for new applicant
  • Additional Requirements for New Applications:
  • Securities and Exchange Commission Articles of Incorporation (for corporations)
  • Department of Trade and Industry Business Name Registration (for sole proprietorships)
  • Cooperative Development Authority Registration (for cooperatives)
  • How to Avail of the Service


All Tricycle Operators/Drivers routing within the municipality of Indang are required to secure a tricycle Mayor’s Permit at the Licensing Office. This permit must be renewed every year together with their franchise on or before January 20.

All tricycle applying for a Mayor’s Permit must pass the inspection test and issuance of franchise from the office of the Sangguniang Bayan.

  • Requirements: (For Old & New Applicants)
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Certification from TODA (Tricycle Operators & Drivers Association)
  • Certification from FITA (Federation of Indang Tricycle Association)
  • Official Receipt of the motor vehicle (O.R.)
  • Certificate of Registration (C.R.)
  • Copy of the Old Franchise (for renewal of franchise only)
  • Police Clearance
  • Fees:
  • Mayor’s Permit                                              P 600.00
  • How to Avail of the Service:


Securing / Applying Certification of No-Existing Business, Dropping & Cancellation of Tricycle Franchise

Students applying for scholarship need to apply or secure a Mayor’s Certification indicating that their parents belongs to indigent family and has no permanent income.  This certification is also needed when applying for a medical and financial assistance

  • Requirements:

For Certification of No- Existing Business

  • Barangay Clearance attesting applicant has no business within the barangay.

For Certification of Closure of Business

  • Affidavit of retirement/ closure (end of operation and reason)
  • Latest Mayors Permit and official receipts
  • Barangay Clearance – retirement
  • Gross Sales/ Receipts of current year of operation
  • Fees:

Certification of No Existing Business Fee & Doc. Stamp                                 P   60.00

Certification of Closure of Business Fee & Doc. Stamp                                   P 100.00

  • How to Avail of the Service: